I managed marketing and promotions for several editions of the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival during the period it was produced under the auspices of Downtown Indiana.  Among other initiatives, I produced one-page newsletters to maintain connections with attendees and sponsors. I was solely responsible for the layout, design, and content. This included original artwork and photos that I took during the event, such as the one at bottom. Other responsibilities included media planning and placement, along with the creation of print ads, radio copy, posters and flyers. I also updated a media contact list encompassing five states for which I produced and distributed materials such as press releases and fact sheets. Oh, and I also maintained the website and social accounts (purely organic, no paid or promoted posts).  And that's before things got interesting...
Below, a sponsorship packet I developed for this event, from research to writing to layout and design. The third panel provides an overview of media outreach and the promotional program I also developed and implemented for this event.
Below, print ads that ran in Penn State's Weekly Collegian - a bit of offbeat media placement seeking wide reach on a tight budget (see 'Media Coverage' in the third panel of the sponsor packet above)
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